Girls are made of sweet stuff

Is there any question as to why many women are (even now and then) attracted to other women?

We are soft, curving, delicate compared to men usually. I personally love women around my own height– I hover a little over 5 feet. Even being bisexual, most of my life I’ve had a harder time hitting on women or knowing when women are hitting on me.

Since getting married, it’s gotten even harder to date women. It’s assumed that I (with my husband) amgirls a unicorn hunter. That is, a member of couple looking for a “third” partner to add in, often a bisexual woman who may or may not be treated as expendable.

I am not and I don’t. I date separately from my husband, and bisexuality is not a phase. The first person to ever actively turn me on was a girl who pinned me down during a playful wrestling match and bit my neck. The sound that came out of my mouth put an end to the fight, though for months after she would push me down and snap her teeth close to my throat to tease me…

Ah, memories.

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