A failed attempt to educate

I help run a kink group at my school. It sounds a lot cooler than it is, especially considering we started about halfway through last year and had all of two meetings. However, our FaceBook group (of course we have a FB group) is active as fuck.

Unfortunately a lot of the activity is vanilla-style hookup posts. We are trying to find a way to cut down on those (a hookup group was made toward the end that helped some… if it’s active, we may need to start redirecting people there again).

Anyway, I was asked if I would be willing to show a little rope to some of the peeps. So I wrote up this really awesome handout (so my husband, other partner, and two friends who looked at it assured me), brought the Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land by Douglas Kent, and made sure I had a few different types of rope to show (my own jute, my husband’s hemp, and two different types of synthetic rope. I may have even had some 550 cord, because what self respecting veteran doesn’t?

No one wanted to learn. Absolutely nobody. Talk about awkward.

Of course, it may have had to do with this being the second meeting of our rag-tag group. Perhaps it was that I had only met a few of them. It could have been that we were making para-cord floggers. Oh well. At least I have a super-cool handout for the future.

Self-tying can be a fun practice. I have done one self-suspension (the only opportunity I had), but I practied some decorative ties quite a bit.

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